5 Interesting Links for 10-12-2012

Photography (Fun)

Tips for combining photos into something that can tell a story.

Visual Perception (Science)

I’ve become very aware of the effects of color on perception, emotion, and energy since learning about Irlen Syndrome. This article looks at the concept that color perception is so individual we cannot determine what others see, and yet the emotions tied to colors are the same across the board…though it makes me wonder if that’s where Irlen Syndrome folks differ.

Magnetism (Science)

This article speaks of a new understanding to the known trend of migratory animals using the Earth’s magnetic field to navigate. It also offers an example of when more does not necessarily mean better.


This is good writing advice, though your experience may vary. For example, character stories are easier in the writing for me, while idea stories are more of a struggle, but the results of both have been successful. The key is not to overthink the story.

Publishing (Writing)

How ePublishing longevity solves the issues of finding a readership:

Curve of Her Claw

Fall into a world where beauty is a facade, and one elf is pushed beyond reason to rid herself of the smooth-skinned curse. ~ Now available as an eBook:
Curve of Her Claw

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2 Responses to 5 Interesting Links for 10-12-2012

  1. Erin says:

    Cool to think while I was working away on catfish olfactory cells, I was playing with magnetic cells at the same time!

    I saw something recently about some people actually having four different cones, rather than the standard three. I wonder how they would fare with that color test.

    The Jamie Todd Rubin post was timely for me — I’ve been having trouble with the writing because I’m thinking too much about what I want to do with it. Of course, “get out of your head” is easier said than done. 😛

    In other news, although I am still subscribed to your blog, I did not get this post via e-mail.

    • Margaret McGaffey Fisk says:

      Erin? Overthinking? Who would have thought ;). Yes, both of us fit that profile, and no, it’s not easy.

      And I’m amazed at how much we think we know about color and perception is turning out to be based on too small samples and ignoring deviations.

      Is this the only post you didn’t get? I ask because I subscribe to the digest, and this was listed there, but in a weird, broken format. I wonder if WordPress had issues for a bit…and I hope they’ve fixed them or I’ll have to go to a different subscription model.

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