5 Interesting Links for 10-06-2017

History (Reading)

A cross between marginalia and highlighting, this article provides examples of manicules from old texts.

Philosophy (Employment)

This article is a direct demonstration of the change in philosophy that is crippling our country. Though it singles out Apple, very few of the leading US companies do not employ the same tactics from the social environment to the economics, and understanding this difference is crucial to changing the trend.

Innovation (Medicine)

An old vaccine might offer hope for fibromyalgia sufferers. The company who designed a test for the condition is planning to begin research into this possibility as early as next year.

Humor (Nature)

Amazing agates that will tickle your funny bone and stun you in what they appear to display.

Names (Writing)

A name generator that can be used for fun and games as well as giving you some ideas for your next steampunk novel.

Becoming Home, Foster's Way Book 1

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