5 Interesting Links for 10-04-2013

Science (Art)

Using science to imitate natural beauty might have practical applications in the long run, but kudos to the scientists for stopping to “smell” the roses.

Community Service (Interesting People)

Here’s a 13-year-old who took a school project to the next level and really made a difference in her community.

Kids (Life)

My kids walked, biked, or rode scooters to school when we lived close enough, and one even continued to bike in good weather despite a significant distance. I didn’t need a study of cardiovascular health to tell me that once recess was cut from the curriculum and homework load increased, they needed as many physical outlets as they could manage. Still, not every parent realizes the benefits, especially when faced with the potential dangers of having their kids out walking across streets and in less safe neighborhoods. When mine were little, I’d walk with them, but letting them go on their own offered an important lesson in independence and responsibility. It’s nice to see those choices validated, and I hope articles like this one help encourage parents to let their kids “hoof it.”

Hero’s Journey (Writing)

Though not a reverent explanation of the Hero’s Journey, this puppet-led short program offers examples from known films to illustrate the various elements/characters found in the hero’s journey.

Fascinating Insects (Zoology)

I’ve drawn on the insect world for story ideas before, and I know others do as well, so I wanted to pass this on not because it’s earth shattering, but because it’s a sign of just how weird nature can be:

Beneath the Mask by Margaret McGaffey Fisk

In the flash and glitter of the Regency Era, a young noblewoman craves to dance not in the ballroom but on stage, blending music, movement, and soul. Will these scandalous dreams destroy her family, or gain her a loving patron?
Beneath the Mask

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