5 Interesting Links for 10-02-2020

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Footprints (Archeology)

Footprints on the surface of an ancient Nefud Desert lake provide evidence of an earlier transit across the Arabian Peninsula to Saudi Arabia than previously known. These footprints, assumed to be Homo sapiens, date to around 120,000 years old. Animal footprints from the same time also give a glimpse into the relationship between early humans and other large mammals.

Portrayal (Disabled)

This reaction to “The Shape of Water” mirrors my own. The movie (and the article contains spoilers) has a disabled main character who is a hero without question. This is an important image for the disabled and wider community to see in media portrayals. Other decisions, however, tell a different story that is less empowering when there are so few strong media portrayals of disabled characters.

Language (History)

This series from a historical romance author looks at the meaning behind sayings common in the Wild West that have survived to modern day. It’s fun for those who enjoy language and might help jumpstart a story idea or two.

Airships (Transportation)

Renewed focus on reduced carbon footprint along with technology advancements may mean the return of airships for a specific function. This article reviews the many aspects and offers one area where airships might prove superior to other alternatives.

Technique (Website)

While creating an animated GIF is an old-school website technique, it still serves a purpose when a slideshow cannot. I have created them to flip through customer logos on a business site, for example. Or you could use one on a publishing site to show the extent and variety of the catalog with a link to browse more deeply. You might even make a simple book trailer that can be embedded in any page because an animated GIF needs no additional software to run. GIF supports transparent backgrounds, so building an image layer by layer by adding elements instead of overlaying the whole is possible. I have confirmed these directions work with the latest version of GIMP, so why not try making one of your own?

Becoming Home, Foster's Way Book 1
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