5 Interesting Links for 1-27-12


This is a wonderful idea for giving people a foundation in programming that will help them understand what’s going on around them in our computerized world. Though targeted at the general public, it’s a useful refresher for JavaScript as well, and presented in a hands-on way that I can appreciate:


A pictographic letter found in the Smithsonian Institute’s archives from 1863 offers a refreshing exercise along with a glimpse into common culture of that time:


People get inspiration from all sorts of places, but for the visual among you, check out this Pinterest board called Oh the PLACES You’ll SEE! If you can’t find at least one story in amongst those wonderful images, you’re probably not a picture person :):


A straight up list of things people do wrong in job interviews that are rarely mentioned:


Valerie Comer invited Wendy L. Young, bestselling mystery author, to give some tips for making the most of Goodreads as a book promotion platform:

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