5 Interesting Links for 1-20-2012


With so many people self-publishing nowadays, I thought this might be a useful tutorial to share on making steampunk cover art. That said, even if you’re not using it for that purpose, it’s still a fun process to learn:


This is a video in which the books come alive to music in fun ways. Enjoy:


When I was growing up, I read White Fang (or one of those wolf books) and learned that a wolf slept much like I did, waking every couple hours to stir and move. I saw this as abnormal, but now I discover it matches the norm far better than the 8.5 solid block more often denied me:


While geared to writers and certainly not appropriate for young or gentle readers, this list offers a harsh look at the things we do to stop ourselves. First step to fixing a problem is recognizing it, so read it and weep where appropriate. I certainly did.


Though this article calls them myths as opposed to legacy artifacts, it offers a look at some universally recognized limitations to web applications that are no longer valid, or at least not to the traditional degree:

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2 Responses to 5 Interesting Links for 1-20-2012

  1. Michele says:

    Great links! Put them on my pinterest thing so I could keep track of them. A couple worth reading more than once.

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