5 Interesting Links for 09-30-2016

Local Food (Agriculture)

A farmer’s look at the local food movement and where the pitfalls are that need more attention.

Driftwood (Art)

Jeffro Uitto is a talented artist who sculpts furniture and statues from driftwood he collects. (Via @sobre on Twitter)

Trigger Warnings (Education)

This is the first article I’ve read on trigger warnings that understands them the way I do. It’s not an excuse, it’s not a way of avoiding difficult topics, but rather it’s a head’s up that there’s something you might need to prepare for. Consider it the difference between someone yelling duck just as a ball bounces off your head or saying “Keep an eye out. There’s a soccer game over there with new players.” Anyway, the article does a really good job of defining both the purpose and ways that the warnings assist education rather than the misunderstandings that would prevent education. (Via Facebook)

Artists (Interesting People)

An introduction to the first African-American animator at Walt Disney Studios, including why he doesn’t think of himself in those terms. (Via Facebook)

Tools (Promotion)

A description of 5 tools for creating marketing images for authors.

Threats (The Steamship Chronicles, Book 2)

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