5 Interesting Links for 09-28-2012

Communication (Employment)

While most of these tips should be common place, I have actively used quite a few of them to great success and the surprise of the others I’m working with, especially admitting when you don’t know an answer. They’re worth thinking about at least:


Dolphins playing with rings of air (video with sound but doesn’t start automatically):


A look at the history of airships and the impact of one major disaster:

Space (Science)

This is a video with sound and music detailing just how the Curiosity will breach Mars atmosphere and get to a safe landing driven only by computers as the time lag prevents Earth from knowing the results until 7 minutes after landing (the so called 7 minutes of terror). It’s a fascinating look at the engineering feats necessary to make this work, and the emotions tied up in the event. (Note: the video and audio were a little off sync for me, so if you lip read, it’ll be weird.)

Writing (Writing)

Quick, illustrated tips on using senses and setting in your writing offered in a fun, entertaining, voice. Worth the read.

Curve of Her Claw

Fall into a world where beauty is a facade, and one elf is pushed beyond reason to rid herself of the smooth-skinned curse. ~ Now available as an eBook:
Curve of Her Claw

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