5 Interesting Links for 09-27-2019

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Just for Fun (Dogs)

This happens to be an author I enjoy, or rather an author team (Ilona Andrews), but I’m sharing it because of the chuckles…and warnings about allowing a German Shepherd into your life ;).

Health (Reading)

A study out of Yale found reading can lengthen life expectancy and stave off dementia. Have you picked up a book today? (Via Laurence O’Bryan)

Safety (Schools)

A study of Canadian schools found gays and other bullying targets were much less likely to suicide in a school that had a gay-straight alliance. This influence grows the longer the alliance has been supported by the school. (Via Cliff Winnig)

Habitats (Space)

NASA is exploring many habitat designs before deciding what the requirements will be. This one has some unique features, the main one being it is inflatable, so the size leaving Earth and the liveable space are very different.

History (Textiles)

A quick look at the textile arts that predate knitting but serve a similar purpose. There are additional links for more detail as well.

Curve of Her Claw Twitter Sharable

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