5 Interesting Links for 09-25-2015

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Insults (Etymology)

Fair warning, this short list of insults includes words often crossed out by stars, but it’s fascinating where they came from and why.

Tardis (Fun)

Enjoy a Google Maps Easter Egg whether you’re a Dr. Who fan or not. The inside of the Tardis is fun, and elaborately detailed. (Via Facebook)

Inventor (Interesting People)

What do flying disc toy innovations and coffee making have in common? Meet Alan Adler a man who used his own curiosity to invent useful things.

Parenting (Life)

Okay, putting a new comic book in this category might seem weird, but read the article about Raising Dion. It is a comic series about raising a black kid in modern times…only this boy has superpowers. What I find fascinating is that it is from the perspective of the mother and her struggles to give her son a solid foundation while making him aware of the dangers inherent in being himself in public. (Via Dawn Bonanno)

Geckos (Zoology)

I’ve long been a fan of geckos. They’re fascinating on their own and can clear a room of flies and mosquitos better than just about anything. This article shows they have more to teach us as we discover how their climbing works in larger specimens.

Trainee - Seeds Among the Stars, Book 2

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