5 Interesting Links for 09-20-2019

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Psychology (Cats)

The Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (or CATS) organized the advertising takeover of an underground station in London using crowdfunding. They replaced all the advertising with pictures of cats from a local shelter. Their goal? To give riders a break from constant demands while maybe finding homes for some cats in need. Listen to the short video included for more insight.

Fantasy (Flash)

A quick flash with a dose of comeuppance of the best kind.

Culture (Photography)

Photographer Ula Kóska and makeup artist Beata Bojda joined to recreate traditional Slavic ceremonial headdresses. (Via Victoria L. Szulc)

Survey (Social Media)

I have not listened to the podcast on the subject, and might quibble with a few of the conclusions, but this infographic does a good job of pinning down the key element of the main social media environments. My quibbles are more on the line of questioning the use of snarky as a substituted for concise when talking about Twitter. I can’t deny there are snarky people on this network, but not everyone falls in that category.

Psychology (Toys)

A man with vitiligo, a visible skin pigment condition, makes a difference in the lives of children with his condition and others that set them apart. He makes crocheted dolls that are full of love and acceptance while representing these children in a way commercial offerings do not. (Via David Bridger)

A Country Masquerade (Uncommon Lords and Ladies, Book Two)
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