5 Interesting Links for 09-18-2020

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Fun (Baking)

For the cat lovers out there, here’s a collection of easy, cat-themed delights to brighten up your day. My favorite birthday cake was when my mom made a Siamese cat…then warned everyone there were bones. She’d stuck the scraps together with toothpicks to form the tail.

Planning (Health)

The severity of Covid-19 has people looking at advanced health directives and similar paperwork to make sure their wishes are known. This article reviews what should be changed, if anything, and other key tips for managing your health in case you cannot communicate.

Musicians (Interesting People)

This is a fascinating account of Prince Nico Mbarga’s musical career. He became a beloved West African talent and yet remained unnoticed on the worldwide musical scene. Following his dream, Mbarga left a small tenant farm in Nigeria and worked his way to a single record that outsold the Beatles. Mbarga found his fans’ cultural touchstones in his own life then blending in fun, danceable music. You have only to read the comments on YouTube to know his legacy lives on in the people he touched.

Life (Science)

Looking for the red edge in light reflecting from other planets as a sign of chlorophyll-based energy absorption may miss another viable indicator of alien life. Retinal light harvesting still occurs here on Earth and draws in energy-rich green light. This alternate source would produce a green edge rather than red.

Creativity (Writing)

This essay offers a nice set of tips for overcoming the creative slump quarantine has brought to many of us, or even for future writing blocks. Not every tip might work for you. For example, cataloging quirks when unable to escape each other’s company sounds dangerous. But a few of them could click.

A Country Masquerade (Uncommon Lords and Ladies, Book Two)
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