5 Interesting Links for 09-13-2019

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Culture (Awards)

While the award in this announcement might not be well known outside of the science fiction and fantasy community, I’m sharing this letter for a larger purpose. It offers an exemplary way of addressing the changes in cultural awareness, learning from the past without discarding the positive elements and yet still moving into a more welcoming future. It could well stand as a strong example for any organization facing the task of addressing difficult truths in its past.

History (Culture)

An exploration of the queer club scene in Berlin between the world wars offers a fascinating glimpse of both how micro cultures are drawn together and the dynamic mixing that was the queer community, a place where social standing, public identities, and even politics took a back seat to reveling in queer culture and identities. (Via David Bridger)

Technique (Drawing)

A quick overview of how to draw a dragon. It presumes some knowledge of technique, but can be used as a jumping off point even without that. (Via Nix Whittaker)

Disability (Emergency Planning)

An examination of school emergency planning and why it must include disabled students and staff whether physically or mentally challenged rather than have them shelter in place as so many plans do when following this directive could result in injury or death.

Creatives (Interesting People)

A poem and short interview with Brian Hawkins, otherwise known as Voice Porter, a poet, artist, and community organizer in Birmingham, Alabama.

Box Set 1 The Steamship Chronicles

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