5 Interesting Links for 09-09-2016

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Pottery (Art)

A Navajo artist works with traditional Navajo designs infused with Anasazi elements along with modern ones. This article describes his creative path. (Via Facebook)

Science (Interesting People)

Physics Girl is a physicist who chooses to share her love of physics and its weirdness in a series of entertaining YouTube videos. Here’s a bit about her, and if you like it, there’s always her YouTube channel to explore.

Dress Codes (Life)

The story of how young teens changed how Oregon schools treat females and all students with regards to clothing. (Via Facebook)

Newsletter (Promotion)

Some suggestions for how to manage your newsletter so your readers stay engaged and you have a schedule you can maintain.

Mobility (Technology)

An innovative concept allowed Go Baby Go to modify existing power wheels-type cars into mobility aids for very young disabled children. (Via Twitter @JasonHelford)

How Beer Saved the World 2 edited by Phyllis Irene Radford

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