5 Interesting Links for 09-06-2019

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Dragons (Animals)

Following the common theme of scientific discovery even when we think we have it all figured out, everything believed about how komodo dragons bring down prey is now being turned upside down.

Coffee (Art)

Amazing what a talented artist can create out of the dregs of a cup of coffee.

Tips (Caregiving)

This article has a lot to say about Ehlers Danlos that matches my experiences (especially the disconnect between what I can do and what I feel I should be able to). I also found the notes about caregiving from a caregiver’s perspective to be important regardless of what causes the need for caregiving to arise. (Via Ehlers-Danlos Society)

History (Comic books)

A fascinating look at the social environment that drove comic book superheroes into existence and the American heart. (Via Cliff Winnig)

Serial (Fiction)

Coat of Scarlet by Siri Paulson is a gay steampunk romance that sucked me in from the beginning. It’s a rich tapestry of a world where a talented tailor catches the attention of an airship pirate first by craft, then by character. It is also an example of why I don’t read serials, because I didn’t realize it wasn’t finished yet when I began. There are five installments available, and the fifth acts as a conclusion (albeit an interim one) so I’ve decided to post it now. Coat of Scarlet is a compelling tale with complex characters drawn from across professions, classes, and identities. If you’re comfortable waiting for serialized works to unfold, or willing to accept an interim conclusion for now, give it a try. (Note: This author also appears in the flash anthology Migration, sharing a Table of Contents with me.)

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