5 Interesting Links for 09-04-2020

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Nature (Art)

This giant troll sculpture is impressive, as is knowing what it’s made of. I also enjoyed the glimpse into the philosophy and approach behind the construction. (Via Pinterest)

Management (Business)

Author and publisher Kristine Kathryn Rusch discusses the economic impact of COVID-19, both what we already know and what may still come. She gives some suggestions for making sure you’re in the best place possible to survive this.

Marine Animals (Evacuation)

The severity of California fires led to many evacuation orders, but the animals in the University of California at Santa Cruz’s Long Marine Laboratory posed some real challenges. Their trainers and the marine research community stepped up to get them to safety.

Fantasy (Fiction)

Boiled Bones and Black Eggs by Nghi Vo offers an evocative, fantastical world in this work of short fiction. The dead cross over the lives of the living, and while some take on the burden to move these ghosts along, the task is not always easy.

Solar Power (Innovation)

Cobb EMC, a not-for-profit electric cooperative in Marietta, Georgia, proved their understanding of alternative energy sources by building a garden with “smartflowers” to supply the power grid and a free ChargePoint station for electric car users. The flower petals are solar panels that follow the sun, then store away while the garden offers information about them to entertain while cars are charging. Learn more, and see the flowers in motion, in the article.

Trainee, Seeds Among the Stars, Book 2, Twitter Sharable

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