5 Interesting Links for 09-02-2016

Representation (Gaming)

A solid opinion article on the troubles of realistic avatars that fail to offer Black options so alienate players. (Via Facebook)

Composer (Interesting People)

Courtney Bryan, a composer of unusual classical music, explains her muses and motivations that enliven her art.

Artists (Scams)

A break down of what the artist scam looks like where someone expresses interest in an artist’s work and pays up front. Whether you’re an artist or not, there’s a lot of good details in here to protect against becoming a victim. (Via Facebook)

Geology (Science)

An interesting examination of the Pacific Plate with new proposals for its origin.

Truth (Social Media)

An explanation with examples of how to ensure the post you’re sharing or resharing is accurate especially in these political times, whatever your point of view. (Via Facebook)

When the Shoe Won't Fit by Margaret McGaffey Fisk

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