5 Interesting Links for 09-01-2017

Clothing (Society)

Mom started an ethical t-shirt company when all of the boy shirts available had messages promoting aggression and poor behavior. It’s taking off because there are many who feel the same about gendered clothing.

Language (Artificial Intelligence)

English is inefficient according to artificial intelligences, which will develop their own language to communicate among themselves.

Feelings (Psychology)

Psychopaths have long fascinated people, and this research points to a possible misunderstanding of the condition with hope for the future.

Lighting (Digital Art)

Step-by-step instructions for using primitives to create pointed lights in Iray for Daz3D.

Profiles (Promotion)

A look at why and how to update your author profiles so they appeal more to readers on the various sites.

The Steamship Chronicles Sharable Box Set 1

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