5 Interesting Links for 08-31-2018

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Corruption (Elder Care)

This article tells a terrifying tale of legally supported corruption allowing for-profit guardians to prey on wealthy, independent elderly. Were it fiction, people might dismiss it as implausible, but at the time of this article, it has occurred to a vast number of folks regardless of whether they had active family members in their support circles. Even worse, little attempt has been made to address this crime that stretches across the United States wherever a large retirement population exists.

Hair Styles (History)

Step-by-step directions to create three Edwardian hairstyles reproduced from a period source.

Sleep (Productivity)

Sleep is often considered a waste of time in this busy age, but research shows productivity isn’t possible without it.

Tools (Editing)

This article goes into how an editing program can help improve your writing. While I think the example edit in the article is far from an improvement, I’ve been using ProWritingAid myself to catch overuse and such. It’s a quick review, and I don’t have to listen to everything, but some I agree with.

Innovation (Construction)

An innovation that is actually a return to early building materials involves using the waste product of hemp grown for fiber to create building concrete. However, with hemp still banned in the US, it’s not yet a possibility here. (And as a geologist friend of mine pointed out, the title calling this the best solution everywhere is misleading as it does not address the complexities of earthquake environments, for example.)

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