5 Interesting Links for 08-29-2014

Art (Philosophy)

Zen Pencils puts quotes into visual (comic) form to make them come to life with good lessons. This is a strong one:

Indie and Traditional (Publishing)

A look at the myths surrounding success in publishing, especially where weighed against self-publishing and in favor of traditional.

Makeup (Sociology)

A beautiful song and interview from Colbie Caillat about defining your own beauty.

Home Robots (Technology)

An interesting development in the home robotic assistant space.

Cultural Bias in Research (Zoology)

This study is more interesting to me for the way it indicates assumptions made because of cultural bias, but the preferences in chimpanzees for different types of music is also interesting.

Beneath the Mask by Margaret McGaffey Fisk

In the flash and glitter of the Regency Era, a young noblewoman craves to dance not in the ballroom but on stage, blending music, movement, and soul. Will these scandalous dreams destroy her family, or gain her a loving patron?
Beneath the Mask

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5 Responses to 5 Interesting Links for 08-29-2014

  1. Love the Jibo. Get me one for next Christmas. If it would read me my emails (after screening out ads) that would be fantastic.

    • Margaret McGaffey Fisk says:

      I find it a bit creepy, especially with the level of access it needs to do its service, but who knows.

    • Margaret McGaffey Fisk says:

      Checked the pre-order. “Next” is the implausible word. Pre-orders will ship in Feb of 2016.

    • Linda Sprinkle says:

      Jibo is like a pad, but it doesn’t do as much as a pad can do. It’s also kind of a “friend for the friendless”, in a way, because really what it has to offer is personality. If you’re going to give me a robot with personality, I want Rosie from the old Jetsons cartoon. She was an awesome character and she did the housework. 😉

      I think it’s pretty pricey for what it can do. If you contribute to their fundraising campaign you get it for the bargain price of $499.

      Even worse, if you’re a developer, you get to pay an extra $100 so you can make apps for it. Without apps that the public cares about and wants to use, a product like this is doomed. So, if I were selling something that needed lots of apps in order to sell it to the public, I’d give it to developers for the actual cost of making it or for free. Or refund their money if they create an app that I wanted to put on it. It’s important to encourage developers, not discourage them from creating apps for this product that the public has not been clamoring for. At this point, it’s something the creator wants the public to want, which is a much harder sell than something they’ve been wishing for.

      • Margaret McGaffey Fisk says:

        Good point, Linda. The difference is that I control when my tablet is on while this seems an always on thing. But then, I am not an early adopter, though I’d adopt Rosie right out the door, all bugs included :).

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