5 Interesting Links for 08-26-2016

Balloons (Art)

Amazing balloon sculptures that are detailed and even hold expressions. (Via Facebook)

Dolls (History)

As part of a series of gifts to the US post World War II as thanks for the relief aid “Friendship Train”, French fashion designers marked key transitions in fashion history through creating beautifully detailed dolls. (Via Facebook)

Pets (Life)

A look at the costs and benefits of robotic pets both emotionally and psychologically. (Via Twitter @JasonHelford)

Developmental (Research)

This article demonstrates the importance of starting with a hypothesis and following the evidence whether or not it shows what you expect. While the information about cocaine babies is important, I find the methodology and approach both enlightening and enlightened. (Via Facebook)

Research (Writing)

Even the established dames of Regency romance can make choices to go against historical fact for the sake of the story as Georgette Heyer appears to have done in this analysis:

Shafter (Seeds Among the Stars, Book 1)

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2 Responses to 5 Interesting Links for 08-26-2016

  1. Amy Keeley says:

    Great links! I think my favorite was the one about robotic pets. The implications sound like something out of at least a couple of manga series (Chobits and Pluto come to mind). Personally, I think I’d rather have the real thing, but if this helps them, I’m all for it.

    • Margaret McGaffey Fisk says:

      Glad you enjoyed them. What’s odd about the pets is that I recently posted one about the Sony robotic dogs and their owners desperately trying to keep them going when the company no longer offers parts. It’s a grief process that parallels losing living pets and yet somehow worse when the robotic pets were supposed to protect against that grief.

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