5 Interesting Links for 08-24-2018

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Techniques (Editing)

Four editing techniques to improve your first draft. I use a variation of most of the techniques, and each has clear value. The one addition I would make is to highlight your crutch words before you read through the manuscript (preferably in different colors). It makes overuse versus proper use clear so you only cut the unnecessary ones.

Innovation (Recycling)

Some of you might know coffee grounds can help certain plants, but how about reusing them to remove heavy metal contamination from water? This new technique could turn waste into water…generators.

Design (Cover Art)

A breakdown of some key elements in cover art design that make a book stand out…in a good way.

Steampunk Artist (Interesting People)

A glimpse into the life of a steampunk inspired ceramics artist.

Techniques (Writing)

How and why you want to catch the attention of your readers through controlling information rather than withholding it.

When the Shoe Won't Fit by Margaret McGaffey Fisk

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