5 Interesting Links for 08-19-2016

Adoption (Cats)

Some tips about adopting a cat. I don’t necessarily agree with the indoor/outdoor thoughts, but I’ve taken many cats from shelters and the advice is good. (Via Facebook)

Geyser (Environment)

An amazing geyser came to life after the second attempt to dig a well hit a thermal vent.

Borders (History)

This library exists on the border between Canada and the United States with a wonderfully open perspective on connecting the two. (Via Facebook)

Reality (Life)

Philip K. Dick obviously did not watch the Dukes of Hazard genre of TV, but this is a good, thought-provoking look at reality that is, if anything, more relevant to our modern society than it was when he said it in 1978: (Via Facebook)

Piracy (Publishing)

A new approach to stamping out piracy that targets visibility not content.

A Country Masquerade by Margaret McGaffey Fisk

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2 Responses to 5 Interesting Links for 08-19-2016

  1. Linda says:

    I also disagree about the indoor/outdoor thing. If your cats are never introduced to being outside, they’ll be perfectly content inside, as long as you set up a kitty-friendly environment. At least, that’s been our experience with our indoor only cats. I would not let a cat go outside where I live now. Someone in our neighborhood has been setting cat traps and taking people’s pets to the Humane Society because they don’t want them in their yard.

    • Margaret McGaffey Fisk says:

      Okay, that’s warped. However, there’s a reason one of the cats I rescued as a kitten (and later found a better home for) was nicknamed Coyote Bait. Growing up, I never had a cat longer than 3-4 years, but the last two cats at home lived a full and complete life because we stopped letting them out. My sister ended up having them because she was the last to leave that house. The youngest lost since was 13 and had lived 5 years past the prediction of her heart murmur killing her. There are cats who don’t do well indoors even if adopted as kittens. There are households that provide nothing for cats to do except get in trouble. The second is fixable and the first is the only reason for an indoor/outdoor cat…and unlikely to last long between wildlife, cars, dogs, etc.

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