5 Interesting Links for 08-18-2017

Tips (Parenting)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg offers seven tips for raising daughters that apply to sons as well to foster thinking and encourage the success of a life well lived.

Creativity (Exercise)

A study by Stanford University found that the physical act of walking seems to encourage creative brainstorming, though not deep thoughts.

Research (Science)

A genetic researcher in the United States has reportedly used the CRISPR method to successful edit human embryos to eliminate genetic diseases, opening up a host of questions previously explored in science fiction.

Technique (Digital Art)

A collection of Daz3D Studio tips and tricks for making the most of Iray.

Philosophy (Games)

The history of the game Monopoly was based on/stolen from paints a very different picture of the lessons to be learned from its gameplay.

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2 Responses to 5 Interesting Links for 08-18-2017

  1. Elizabeth McGaffey says:

    But Monopoly doesn’t work if you just buy land. You have to build on it too. I remember when we played it with the Gov. of Farah and he thought all you had to do was buy land. He got wiped out after landing on a hotel–and of course his rents were minimal and easily paid. It would be interesting to play the original game though. Maybe I wouldn’t always lose.

    • Margaret McGaffey Fisk says:

      For me, Monopoly is stressful even when I win because it’s all about “legitimately” cheating someone into the poor house. Yes, there are tactics and decisions, but ultimately so much is chance and scheming. But then I prefer Pandemic to Risk, any day :).

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