5 Interesting Links for 08-08-2014

Pterosaurs (Paleontology)

A site in China offers a new species of pterosaurs and the first fully preserved eggs.

Human Markers (Archeology)

I usually talk about things in the past, but here is an article identifying a sedimentary change that will be used by far future humans to identify our timeline:

Chalkboard (Art)

Beautiful chalk work by students wanting a break from digital art.

Accepting Homosexuality (Interesting People)

A beautiful account of a young boy’s reaction to his brother who had come to the family after being rejected because he was gay. This is people at their best.

Hand Selling at Conventions (Publishing)

Useful tips for doing a booth at a convention, though many translate to any hand selling opportunity.

Safe Haven by Margaret McGaffey Fisk
Sworn to protect her sister from an unjust law in steam-driven Victorian England, Lily’s wayward heart settles on the one man she cannot have: a police officer.
Safe Haven
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