5 Interesting Links for 08-07-2020

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Egypt (Anthropology)

For the longest while, assumption has ruled anthropological theory where artifacts are too fragile to examine physically. Non-contact scanning techniques offer information to replace educated guesses as shown at the Haifa Museum. The meaning of two miniature Egyptian mummies is being re-evaluated after undergoing CT scans as part of putting together a scan-enhanced collection.

Society (Health)

COVID-19 in the United States is less a common health crisis than a political statement thanks to how it was managed in the early days. This is never more apparent than in the mixed reactions to wearing masks. Nevada’s governor made mask wearing mandatory after this article came out, but the positions it explores are still evident regardless, both in Nevada and other states.

Amazon (Marketing)

Educating content producers on how to sell well has proved so lucrative that many regurgitate lessons from other self-pronounced gurus regardless of value. David Gaughran counters tales of the mythic A9 algorithm often said to govern Amazon visibility. He condemns those who mislead, providing research to back up his knowledge as intentional or unwitting scammers do not.

Closets (Organization)

A simple, but effective, decluttering approach offers hope for those who struggle with an overfilled closet like I do.

Inspiration (Technology)

While far from an exhaustive list, here are twelve modern technologies inspired by science fiction well before their time, either written or in film.

When the Shoe Won't Fit by Margaret McGaffey Fisk
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