5 Interesting Links for 07-24-2020

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Sperm Whales (Animals)

Journalist Rowan Jacobsen recounts a trip to observe marine scientists documenting sperm whales and his own encounters with the amazing giants.

Remote (Employment)

COVID-19 has turned the business tides in favor of remote workers wherever possible, and companies are unlikely to return to what it was before once the pandemic is under control. Businesses have discovered significant cost savings in building maintenance and even square footage with their employees at home. Judith Olson is studying the economic and psychological impacts such a change will bring about.

Lighting (History)

An exploration of the various approaches to interior lighting and how competition drove their inventors to greater discoveries. (Via The Regency Reader)

Culture (Philosophy)

Western philosophy has been accepted as universal across Africa for a long time, but an African philosopher is challenging this habit with a new philosophy founded on African ethnophilosophy. She calls her work consolation philosophy, and it is not solely African but seeks to engage with European, American, Indian, and Chinese schools in a universally applicable framework. Nor is her work done, as she describes in this article.

Technique (Writing)

Phone conversations offer a twist on traditional dialogue in fiction. This article presents methods for maximizing one-sided conversations to intrigue the reader and move the plot along.

Shafter (Seeds Among the Stars, Book 1)
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