5 Interesting Links for 07-20-2018

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Automation (Technology)

Automation is broadly considered both a threat and a hope. This article explores where automation is possible based on current technology and where a business case could be made for it with some interesting discoveries. This kind of analysis is important, especially in the face of Tesla’s recognition of how too rapid automation actually harmed the production of their cars.

Aging (Economics)

The promise of retirement and a comfortable old age has become false to many Americans. It is one more victim of the income gap caused at least in part by the destruction of the pension system and the volatility of 401(k) replacements.

Canada (Education)

Canada has appeared in the top ranks of education across nations despite using an approach opposite in many ways to the other contenders. The reasons are worth consideration.

Music (History)

Exploring the songs sung by inmates of the Industrial School for Girl on Cockatoo Island, both when under the superintendent’s eye and on their own, uncovered some bawdy tunes most likely picked up from nearby sailors. One is reproduced in its entirety in this article.

Titles (Writing)

More of a prompt generator to my mind, but Reedsy has put out a new tool that gives you fun suggestions for titles that could very well inspire you.

Box Set 1 The Steamship Chronicles

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