5 Interesting Links for 07-14-2017

Production (Coins)

This is a fun look at the minting of Canadian coins, with an interesting tidbit of countries outsourcing their coin production, something I’d never heard of.

STEM (Education)

A chemistry professor speaks to how a pure focus on STEM will diminish the creativity and innovation in scientific fields while producing students who lack the skills to communicate their results. It’s important for students to have a firm grounding in humanities to excel in the sciences.

Vision (Society)

This is an older article about a woman who has 4 active cones to detect color variation. However, beyond the curiosity, what I find interesting is the unidentified, but clear explanation of how scientists impose bias that can affect the results of an experiment, something to remember when considering the proven vs. unproven theories.

Website (Promotion)

BookBub, along with buttons for their specific service, offers downloadable icons to use for all your social media accounts. Check them out here with directions for use.

Prediction (Disasters)

A look at both the consequences and likelihood of the Yellowstone super volcano erupting based on geological evidence currently being gathered. Spoiler alert: it’s not exactly what the disaster movies would have us believe.

First Contact Cafe

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  1. Interesting that Canada makes coins for so many other countries. We were in one place (and I forget where) that there was an awful shortage of cash because it hadn’t come in from England–Sierra Leone maybe. Anyway, interesting article. Thanks.

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