5 Interesting Links for 07-12-2019

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Sculpture (Art)

Similar to geocaching, this sculpture makes a treasure map and encourages the curious to follow it through the woods to discover wonders. (Via Phoebe Darqueling)

Behavior (Cats)

An analysis of cat breeds based on reports from their human parents identified consistent behaviors associated with each breed, showing some behaviors may be inherited rather than environmental.

Advertising (Interesting People)

A restaurant owner took issue with how he perceived Yelp carried out their business and took action. (Via Julien Jamar)

Movies (Representation)

I happen to be a long-term fan of the superhero movie genre, and I find this article fascinating. It parallels the double life of superheroes to that of trans folk and leads me to a similar parallel with invisible disabilities. This aspect may have been a part of my fascination. I also appreciate the final line of the article a lot. (Via Queer Sci Fi)

Technique (Writing)

David Farland explains how he escalates the situation for his characters to build a stronger story.

First Contact Cafe

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