5 Interesting Links for 07-11-2014

Art (Technology)

I have been working and playing with art of late using an open source program called GIMP. One of the wonderful things about this digital art program is the community surrounding it. Here are some of the step-by-step tutorials people have written to do beautiful things:

Strong Relationships (Psychology)

I had a hard time figuring out where to put this article. Yes, it’s about the results of a study of successful marriages, but it also offers wonderful fodder for writing characters and body language. I’ve found, especially with understanding body language, that the gap between writing and life is quite small.

CSS (Programming)

An interesting new CSS feature that allows on the spot interaction between colors on your page.

Paleontology (Science)

New dinosaurs are being discovered all the time, and here’s a huge example:

Editing (Publishing)

A reminder of why it’s important to edit your work:

Secrets - The Steamship Chronicles, Book One
Can a sheltered Victorian girl who has an extraordinary gift with machines make her way to safety without losing her freedom and endangering all around her?
Secrets, Book One of The Steamship Chronicles, a Steampunk adventure
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