5 Interesting Links for 07-10-2020

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Testing (COVID-19)

An explanation of a technique for improving both the cost and speed of COVID-19 testing using pooled test groups.

Checklist (Editing)

An annotated list of eight key elements to confirm when editing your completed book.

Cleanliness (Health)

It might surprise you to learn that a scientist’s research into dry skin led to the conclusion that we’re showering too much. While frequent hand washing is still necessary to prevent the spread of disease, showering as a whole is harmful for the skin microbiome.

History (Policing)

Law enforcement in Medieval England both shows its influence in modern policing and can offer some examples (good and bad) of approaches to reform or defund the modern police force In the United States and other nations. (Via Pat MacEwen)

Racism (Society)

There’s a myth white people tell themselves about modern America, less now with blatant racism at every corner, but it’s still there. I learned the truth of this when I took a year off between colleges and spent several months in a Virginia suburb of Washington, D.C. To be clear, this is (or was?) the liberal side of Virginia. A black family had moved into the suburb where I lived. This family fit all the social criteria for the neighborhood: upper middle class, educated, and well dressed. They looked no different than anyone else…except for their skin color. I did not know them personally. I only learned of their presence afterwards, but despite everything I knew and had seen myself, it shocked me to learn they’d been driven from the neighborhood when literal burning crosses were set on their well-trimmed lawn. It shattered the myth for me, but as a white woman, I can only observe the micro- and macro-aggressions of racism. People who are melanin challenged will never understand what it’s like to experience this directly. That’s why reading this type of article is crucial for training empathy as the best path to understanding.

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