5 Interesting Links for 07-08-2016

Positivity (Fiction)

Okay, I don’t normally link fiction in here, but this is a very short, quite lovely little story that made me smile :).

Georgian (History)

We hear a lot about King George III, especially here in the United States, (Mad King George, anyone?), but little is said of his wife. I found this article about her life and interests fascinating. (Via Suzi Love Daily Gossip)

Toys (Technology)

A neat expansion pack for Legos that makes them able to perform automated mechanical tasks is coming to life because of a Kickstarter program.

Stem Cell (Medicine)

A high-risk, innovative treatment for severe MS offers hope where otherwise there is none, but it’s not without its risks, including death.

ISBNs (Publishing)

A detailed review of what ISBNs are and some of the reasons to purchase your own.

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