5 Interesting Links for 07-07-2017

Curiosities (Reading)

Questions of format have always been an issue, as this collection of miniature books shows.

Discrimination (Society)

Just as they have now determined bullying has life-long impact, so too is research finding systematic racism in the US responsible for the disparity in infant mortality between blacks and whites. It’s a huge leap forward from blaming mothers and assuming they lie when saying what they did during pregnancy, but it offers no easy answers and addressing the problem is a long-term issue.

Amber (Paleontology)

Amber offers a glimpse at aspects not preserved in fossils, like the feathers on a very young extinct bird from 98 million years ago, which allows for a better understanding of the bird’s development cycles.

Photography (Interesting People)

This is a beautiful story of being in the right place at the right time. It worked out because the woman is self-assured and beautiful.

Research (Writing)

For all those writing historical-based fiction, or doing costuming, this article explains about an incredible resource for seeing what people wore and when. (Via Juliette Wade)

Uncommon Lords and Ladies Sharable

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