5 Interesting Links for 07-05-2019

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Resources (History)

Contemporary accounts of historical events can be tricky to come by, so this collection of Harper’s Weekly from the U.S. Civil War could be useful in establishing speech patterns, identifying cultural attitudes, and getting a more immediate view of the war’s impact. (Via Phoebe Darqueling)

Personal Narratives (Mental Illness)

There are many misconceptions surrounding different types of mental illness. Here are quick interviews that work to reveal the reality and promote greater understanding.

Preparation (Outdoors)

The summer is upon us and that means hiking and camping to a lot of folks. Whether you’re new at it or familiar, here’s a quick list of what to bring with you in case something goes wrong.

Architecture (Photography)

This couple has taken an odd but fun approach to photographing where they visit. Check it out. (Via David Bridger)

Religion (Writing)

Author James Sinclair goes into the reasons why Christian writers should not shy away from writing fantasy but rather embrace the genre’s unique aspects.

First Contact Cafe

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