5 Interesting Links for 06-29-2018

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Automation (Life)

My mother told me when I had my first dual-floppy computer if I had to do the same steps more than once, I should automate. I took her words to heart, and in any given day, I have 2-5 different scripts I run. Some do backups, some transfer comments from my Kindle to my documents, and half a dozen others complete little tasks, all of which can be done manually, but require nitpicky simple steps that are easy to automate. This article talks about different ways we can use new tools or scripts to remove the tedious parts of our day and create more time for other things.

Technique (Art)

A philosophical exploration of the difference between photorealism in paintings and actual photographic reproduction.

Farming (Technology)

A university in the U.K. is exploring ways to improve farm production through automation. What I find fascinating is their methods are viable for small farms as well as large, industrial ones. The techniques would allow those who want to farm to do so without needing their children to become a workforce just to have any hope of profitability. This could open the farming life up to more folks and potentially extending the time when they are capable of doing so. Also, tracking back to something I learned in a book about horses, using lighter machines would go a long way to avoiding the damage industrial tractors cause to the soil just as using plow horses can.

Technique (Writing)

A reminder with specific examples of how important it is to show change in your books. This is true for simple transitions in weather and making sure your description matches your calendar period as well as maturing a character’s perspective over the course of a series.

Favicon (Websites)

Technique for creating a favicon for your website that is higher resolution for more advanced devices.

Life and Law Sharable

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