5 Interesting Links for 06-28-2013

Gardening Alternatives (Environment)

A great way to garden using water and space conservation. The music is a little freaky, and the editing isn’t great, but it’s worth sitting through.

Depression (Life)

21 tips for how to manage–not cure–depression.

Submitting (Publishing)

A good look at what weight to give rejections.

Organic Computer (Science)

Both fascinating and a little scary to see that combined brain power is already within reach, especially after watching an episode of Eureka where a computer virus leaps from organic computers to humans.

Fairytales (Sociology)

A look at the messages fairytales, the original versions, offer young girls and how they are not what people generally assume:

Curve of Her Claw

Fall into a world where beauty is a facade, and one elf is pushed beyond reason to rid herself of the smooth-skinned curse. ~ Now available as an eBook:
Curve of Her Claw

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2 Responses to 5 Interesting Links for 06-28-2013

  1. Erin says:

    The depression tips may or may not be helpful, but I’ll never know because the author’s tone and feeling of being attacked because people are looking for ways to increase their happiness just turned me off completely.

    Oh, for a fun look at fairy tales, check out Seanan McGuire’s Kindle Serial, Indexing. It’s currently 3 episodes in, and I’m really enjoying it.

  2. Margaret McGaffey Fisk says:

    Cool. Thanks for the tip. And yes, the tone almost lost me too, but I skipped to the tips, and while not always positive, they covered some aspects I don’t see much that are effective. It’s the danger of being yourself. Sometimes yourself can be offputting :).

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