5 Interesting Links for 06-26-2020

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Steampunk (Art)

Artist Tammie Wales shares some of her beautiful steampunk art painted with coffee instead of traditional paints.

Preventative (Health Care)

There have been many attempts to provide rapid answers during the pandemic with some providing false answers in an effort to make people comfortable. This article looks at the use of facemasks, calling out both misstatements and misunderstandings, to help keep you healthy.

African American Soldiers (History)

A mix of photographs by photojournalist Charles “Teenie” Harris and quotes from two World War II veterans sheds a light on the experiences of African American soldiers. These soldiers fought for a country that subjected them to discrimination and segregation at home and abroad.

Racism (Society)

The United States is displaying its underlying racism for all to see, but this article reminds us the problems are more widespread than just one country.

Setting (Writing)

David Farland gives a quick rundown of the importance of setting and how to integrate it into your story. The milieu should affect the characters and story as much as yours has influenced you.

Uncommon Lords and Ladies, a sweet Regency romance series (Twitter Sharable)

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