5 Interesting Links for 06-23-2017

Regeneration (Animals)

Research into salamander regeneration may open opportunities for triggering human regeneration, but the mechanisms are still not understood.

Anthropology (Interesting People)

A fascinating biographical account of a self-taught Victorian anthropologist whose attitudes toward the cultures she studied is enlightened for her time and ours.

Detecting Bias (Technology)

An initiative led by Geena Davis in conjunction with Google has harnessed technology to calculate the presence of (and economics of) females in film. The results have already influenced plans for future releases.

Puppetry (Theater)

Amazing works of art, these marionettes are as tall as buildings and yet can still tell a story.

Description (Writing)

While I would remind you description should be used sparingly or the effect is diminished, this is a good article for making writers aware of the possibilities they have to choose from when writing an outdoors scene.

The Captain's Chair, a Seeds Among the Stars short story

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