5 Interesting Links for 06-22-2018

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Scrivener (Writing)

I use a variation of this technique to organize my characters (my character page is a file rather than a folder). It is especially helpful when tracking large groups. For example, I was able to do a quick character count to make sure, when they split up into a group of three and a group of five with one remaining behind, that the total number of characters in the situation was indeed nine. This has helped me keep the relative characters straight between locations (London and the country estate for example) or between assignments (the various teams in Trainee for example).

Synopsis (Publishing)

An interesting approach to writing a submission synopsis that might also work for a back cover blurb with a little modification.

Mock-ups (Marketing)

A free, online tool to create 3D and eReader mock-ups.

Medicine (Technology)

A nationwide project in the US is testing the ability of drones to deliver critical medical equipment and supplies to less accessible areas or faster than emergency services.

Exhibits (Steampunk)

The San Diego Automotive Museum is providing a steampunk and futuristic art exhibit open until October 7, 2018, with some fascinating constructions. Even if you can’t get to the museum, this article offers a taste to delight the steampunk connoisseur.

The Captain's Chair, a Seeds Among the Stars short story

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