5 Interesting Links for 06-20-2014

Cats (Archaeology)

Evidence for the path that created the current relationship between humans and cats, a symbiotic one.

Slow Practice (Education)

A look at the benefits of slow, mindful practice in music, but also across disciplines, both mental and physical.

Innovation (Life)

A dancer used her experiences with a wheelchair bound father and her own love of dance to create a wheelchair that enables smooth dance for all types of people. Wonderful innovation.

Promotion (Publishing)

A nice breakdown for making back of the book blurbs for your indie titles that is also useful for query letters.

Interesting Animals (Zoology)

Twenty-two animals that, while I knew many of them, are still fascinating examples nature’s diversity.

War Child by Margaret McGaffey Fisk

Melnae grew up on tales of fire-eating demons and even fought in the shahran’s army. Now, a demon force approaches her home while her daughter bears the mark of a fire-eater. Can she protect her daughter without betraying her people?
War Child

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