5 Interesting Links for 06-19-2020

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Energy Boosts (Health)

Eight healthy suggestions to help combat the mid-afternoon drowsies from moving to a careful application of caffeine.

Artists (Interesting People)

A Navajo artist talks about how he draws inspiration from his love of comic books and the strong females found in his Navajo culture.

COVID-19 (Research)

Initial reports that COVID-19 eliminates the sense of smell have been confirmed. Researchers are trying to understand how and why this happens. The article looks at the findings and implications of this unusual symptom. (Via Pat MacEwen)

Portrayal (Society)

Much science fiction, whatever the medium, can be considered thought experiments about what society is or will develop into. This analysis explores the prophetic nature of an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine compared to the current timeline. Warning: it contains spoilers.

Comedy (Writing)

I’m a John Cleese fan myself, so I appreciated this homage by David Farland. He extracts insights about how Cleese uses comedy to strengthen his work and shares them with us.

War Child: A Fantasy Short Story
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