5 Interesting Links for 06-17-2016

Bathing (History)

You hear a lot about how people didn’t bathe in the Middle Ages, but this belief stems from written texts (usually religious) that discourage the practice. A more complete look at the literature, art, and records of the times show bathing, while possibly not as frequent as in modern times, was very much a common practice, though perhaps limited to the wealthy during the winter months because of freezing water.

Police (Life)

An interview with the police chief in Ashland, Oregon, as he works to help his officers recognize the implicit bias that affects their ability to fulfil their mission to defend all the people of America. It’s a step in the right direction.

Didgeridoo (Music)

I love the sound of a didgeridoo, and it’s not that hard to make interesting music with one (not talented music mind you). Here are directions for how to make a simple didgeridoo to play.

Cover Art (Publishing)

Some tips on how to get ideas for your cover art. While this targets designing your own cover, it may also help in discussions with a cover artist to give a sense of what appeals to you.

Medical (Technology)

3D printing has opened a lot of doors in health areas, especially with casts and the like, but here’s a way not only the accessibility but the actual techniques have made innovation possible.

Trainee (Seeds Among the Stars, Book 2)

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