5 Interesting Links for 06-16-2017

Origins (Archaeology)

The discovery and dating of Homo sapiens fossils in Morocco implies a very different origin story for modern humans than the current theories.

Sociology (Finances)

A look at how the common savings advice focuses on something irrelevant to force self-blame over recognizing the larger issues.

Research (Nutrition)

A detailed look at nutrition studies and their methodology shows the results are largely meaningless no matter how much care is taken to follow scientific guidelines because the data sets are subjective.

Facebook (Promotion)

While not aimed to authors specifically, this article gives you some things to think about when designing your Facebook cover photos.

Facts (Tarot)

I own a cat-centric Tarot deck, and while it has never been used to tell fortunes, I enjoy the artwork and the mystery around them. Here are five interesting facts about Tarot to tease your imagination.

Gifts, The Steamship Chronicles, Book Three- Twitter

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