5 Interesting Links for 06-07-2019

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Accessibility (Concerts)

While I’m not a fan of big rock concerts, some of my favorite music memories come from outdoor festivals. It’s lovely to see the efforts being made to make these experiences accessible. Even if there are stumbles along the way, people who may never have had the chance to experience a music festival might be able to. (Via The Ehlers Danlos Society)

Web Comic (Fiction)

Zoophobia comes to you with my son’s recommendation and mine as I’ve been sucked into the multi-layered storyline with fetching illustrations. There are a few typos (inkos?) and you need to work around bad links by using the archive, so it says a lot that I’m including it here. I think the story is worth the effort even if it’s on a long-term hiatus. Each chapter forms an arc (so far) so you’ll still get four full stories in a fascinating world.

Excel (Programming)

Conditional Formatting is a neat feature for Excel (I use 2010), but once you extend beyond the automatic offerings, things tend to mess up quickly. I’ve been fighting with a formula to highlight future dates, and this post gave a viable answer. It’s not all future dates, but future by “X” date is flexible enough for me. The only trick I had to figure out is to select all of what you want it to consider before creating the rule for the cell at the top of your selection.

Innovation (Shelter)

Architect Abeer Seikaly has come up with a creative tent design to address problems faced by Syrian refugees in camps. Once the design is production ready, this tent will adapt to weather conditions, becoming more or less enclosed, collect rainwater for basic sanitation and even produce electric energy from solar radiation.

Philosophy (Writing)

While the article sees unique elements where I see restoring older styles, this is a good look at what the big epic novel or series offers to authors and readers, and why it’s sometimes worth breaking with modern convention.

Life and Law Sharable

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