5 Interesting Links for 06-06-2014

Hopi (Archaeology)

This article is a mix of wonderful and frustrating as the Annenberg Foundation had to trick an auction house to return sacred Hopi objects that had been taken by collectors years before after the French courts denied ownership

Bookstore (Entertainment)

A unique take on a bookstore taking a page from the bookmobile:

Nutrition (Life)

An innovative method for dealing with two problems: wasted food and good nutrition being too expensive.

Promotion (Publishing)

A good look at the rules for using images on your blog and elsewhere with possible sites:

Studying Nature (Technology)

A study of seashells as armor to determine both their translucent nature and strength.

Safe Haven by Margaret McGaffey Fisk
Sworn to protect her sister from an unjust law in steam-driven Victorian England, Lily’s wayward heart settles on the one man she cannot have: a police officer.
Safe Haven
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