5 Interesting Links for 05-31-2019

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Furniture (Cats)

A new approach to the cat tree that offers a modular setup and uses your walls as the support system, allowing for spectacular cat jungle gyms with replaceable components so you don’t end up with the scratching areas destroyed on an otherwise viable tree. (Via World’s Best Cat Litter)

Conservation (Ecology)

A look at the underlying philosophies driving change and pushing responsibility for protecting the environment on individuals instead of addressing the largest sources of ecological destruction.

Film (Fiction)

A short web series available on Amazon Prime (Season 1) that’s a fun, quirky science fiction/scientific adventure. It stars none other than Nikola Tesla as an arrogant male scientist who can be taught…by the brilliant Sophie, a modern descendant of Tesla’s lab assistant and a scientist in her own right. This website gives a look into the series as a whole, along with its inspiration and how they did the production values.
Also on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwGpzgvSpSRYRK1kt0jQyNQ/featured

Technique (Marketing)

People have a tendency to commit to a path and stick with it no matter what. This trend may be undermining your books by locking you into a failing strategy, but the article offers some ways to assess what you’re doing and refocus on the goal rather than the path.

Planning (Medicine)

This article is about me. I have been to who knows how many doctors in my life and have given up more often than not. I finally received my true diagnosis a few years ago after living my life from disabling event to disabling event. The human and financial cost is high, the impact on quality of life extreme, while the current result of knowing why is “but it’s too rare to matter so no one has done enough research to come up with any real treatment.” There’s something demoralizing about having the hope in the back of your head of “if only a billionaire’s or movie star’s child turns out to have the same genetic hiccup.” But what makes the link interesting is how the author lays out the system-wide cost and how studying rare diseases and educating the medical profession better would significantly reduce both costs to health care and patients.

The Captain's Chair, a Seeds Among the Stars short story

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