5 Interesting Links for 05-27-2016

Makeup (Art)

A makeup artist takes a hand at miniature paintings…on her eyelids. Beautiful work. (Via Facebook)

Quinine (History)

I came across this fascinating history of gin and tonic when researching a character for my latest Regency. Sadly, the information nixes his penchant for gin and tonic, but he could definitely have developed a habit of quinine tonic.

iBooks (Publishing)

Tips for raising your profile on iBooks. (Via Facebook)

Sustainability (Wild Foods)

How to eat wild ramps as well as alternatives to this fragile bit of nature to enable sustainability. (Via Edible Academy Foods on Facebook)

Dragons (Zoology)

A Game of Thrones-inspired list of living and prehistoric reptiles that resemble dragons, some of which were new to me.

An Innocent Secret Sharable

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