5 Interesting Links for 05-25-2018

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Psychology (Phenomena)

A study determined the cause of a portion of those experiencing out-of-body moments. It’s not astral projection, but rather, their inner ear imbalance makes it hard for the body to determine where they actually are. The article goes into the methodology and inspiration as well.

Scrivener (Writing)

A tip for using the symbols library in Scrivener to provide a quick, visual marker for the status, location, and whatever you want.

Innovation (Reading)

An innovative attempt to encourage people to rediscover fiction offers short stories printed on register tape for free from special dispensers.

Professional (Editing)

An amusing but informative look at what a copyeditor brings to the table.

SSD (Computers)

The speed of an SSD (solid state drive) has led it to become the go to solution with newer computers. Those of us who have been using SSDs (either chips or in USB drives), though, know they can die on you. When they do, everything goes poof with no hope of recovery. This article says newer SSDs are at a lower (though not no) risk of running out of writes and gives tips on managing your usage to reduce your risk.

Forged: A Fantasy Short Story

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