5 Interesting Links for 05-24-2019

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Crafts (Adhesive)

This is an excellent resource for all you crafters out there who use some form of adhesive be it a simple glue or something much more complicated. With the chart provided, you’ll know the best type of adhesive to hold your projects together.

Flash (Fiction)

Karen J. Carlisle offers a short, macabre tale for your reading pleasure in Waking.

Management (Health)

Many people adopted the “spoon theory” to describe energy levels, so I thought you might be interested to read its origin story. I treat my life as candles mainly because hyperactivity allowed/allows me to burn my candles at both ends and down the middle until they vanish in a puff of smoke but sometimes the stubs can be pushed together to form a spare. However, since spoons have become widely accepted, I’ll resort to it on occasion for the same reason this story describes. Not so much for me, but so that those around me can understand and not put their own meanings on my actions/inactions.

Temples (Photography)

Evocative photographs of a location in southwestern China where two Buddhist temples share the top of a mountain spire with a bridge between them. (Via Author Erin M. Hartshorn)

Blogging (Writing)

While a teaser for an upcoming non-fiction book, this essay looks at the why and how around blogging. I believe in it for several of the reasons included here, which shows in the frequent inclusion of blog posts in my interesting links posts.

Gifts, The Steamship Chronicles, Book Three- Twitter

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